​​​​​Annette Rubin

   Attorney at Law

"I found Annette after a long search for an attorney who didn't just see me as billable hours.  Annette took the time to get to know my situation and long/short-term goals.  She genuinely cared about my relationship with my children and worked tirelessly to help me better my circumstances. In the end, she was wildly successful in helping me reach my short term goals and setting me up for success in my long-term goals." -GN
"Annette represented me after an employment issue with a potential employer.  She was extremely knowledgeable and comforting when walking me through the process of fighting this issue.  Her negotiation skills during settlement talks were second to none.  Annette helped make sure that company would never discriminate against another woman." -SC

"Annette Rubin is a very knowledgeable attorney. She assisted me through a legal case regarding wrongful termination. She clearly explained my options and exceeded all my expectations through this process. I was very pleased with the outcome of my settlement and would highly recommend her as an attorney.​" - MR

"​I’m a former client. I was scared and nervous in the beginning of our journey together but Annette helped me along the process. She was kind, understanding and straightforward. I trusted her right away." -HB

"Annette Rubin is someone who has had a monumental impact on my life.  She helped me re-negotiate an onerous separation agreement when I was really at rock bottom, and has continued to guide me through several other negotiations since.  All of these changes made my life so much better now.  In my case she has been creative, understanding, and most of all she cares that I made my way to a better situation." -TL

"Annette Rubin assisted me in a legal case in 2016. She was knowledgeable, highly professional, and approachable. She had my trust the first time we met. I recommend her to anyone without any reservations” -SY

"We were a client of Annette Rubin for a period of time pertaining to court matters that needed her assistance. Her expertise, experience and advise regarding our case during the process was great and she is a very trusted person to have on your side. If it wasn’t for her during this whole process it would of never came to a close. Thank you very much Annette Rubin for all you done for us." -AK

"​Ms. Annette Rubin is amazing attorney. In my case Ms. Rubin took on a team of  Washington's most recognized attorneys with great success. She is a fantastic attorney and has also become a dear friend. I would definitely recommend her." -IK

"Ms. Rubin has served as my representation in an ongoing matter.  The level of personal attention and care that she extends to her clients has been most welcome and comforting during a difficult time.  She is always available to answer my questions, and takes the time to explain each step in what has become a lengthy process.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone seeking competent and caring legal representation!" - LWC

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