Frequently Asked Questions:.

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   Attorney at Law

Do you offer a free consultation?  I offer a limited consultation at no cost. If you send me an email with a brief outline of your situation and attach any relevant documents, I will respond via email or text with my first impressions.   
What do you charge per hour?  I charge $350 per hour for civil cases or mediation. Employment Law Services, including consulting fees are tailored to your needs and priced individually.  
How much will you charge for a retainer?  The retainer amount (deposit) depends on factors such as the complexity of the case and the amount of work needed, so there is no set amount. I will discuss the retainer with you before we sign a representation agreement.
Will you take my case on a contingent fee?  Probably not. I do not have the capacity to take contingent fee cases, except in very, very rare circumstances. However, depending on your case I might agree to work with you on a hybrid agreement for a reduced hourly rate and/or a reduced percentage of any recovery.  
Do you accept credit cards? Yes, you can use to pay by credit or debit card.
Where do we meet? We can meet in person at a conference room in Leesburg, at the Loudoun County Courthouse in Leesburg, Virginia (2nd floor), or in a public space such as a coffee shop.  ​